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RIVERBANK Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +421232238611
Chef´s table with Jaroslav Zidek
Have you always been fascinated by what goes on backstage in the best restaurants as the chef works his magical artwork on the plates? As they use their imagination, skill and talent to create perfect dishes?

Now you can enjoy this unique experience. Book your private dinner at the VIP table - The Chef's table with Jaroslav Židek at the RIVERBANK Restaurant, where you choose the date and he will create the menu from your suggestions.

Your own gastronomic show awaits you, during which Jaroslav Židek will allow you peek under the covers, and explains how to prepare these various delicacies. He will talk about their origins and will create a memorable evening full of excellent specialties and enjoyment.

An exclusive gastronomic experience can be enjoyed by a couple for 600 euros or for 4 people at a favored price of 1 000 euros. Dinner includes non-alcoholic drinks and wine chosen to complement your chosen meal.
Pantry RIVERBANK Restaurant
Pantry RIVERBANK Restaurant

Discover the treasures hidden by Jaroslav Žídek's pantry. Do you remember visiting your grandmother? Everywhere it smelled nicely, the pantry was full of preserves, jams and homemade honey. Grand mothers processed seasonal fruits, cooked, but also baked and cooked from fresh ingredients from the garden. They simply knew what was good for us. Today more and more people are returning to the wisdom of our ancestors and trying to revive their recipes.


You could find such a similar pantry at the RIVERBANK Restaurant at the Grand Hotel River Park. It includes plum, gooseberry, currant, apricot or rosehip, dandelion honey and various unusual compotes - from jarabiny, mirabelle and aronia. Homemade lemonade can be prepared with balsa, spruce and lavender syrups or those made from blackcurrant and black bases. Even in the pantry of Chef Jaroslav Žídek you will also find locust nuts, homemade kimchi, carrot and chutney chutney, picalilli and roasted Christmas tea.


You can find all these products in our RIVERBANK Restaurant, where you can enjoy them and buy them from us. You will be pleased not only by yourself but also by your loved ones. Good things must be shared.